Friday, February 15, 2013

Share the Work

One of my favorite webcomics going right now is Axecop, the adventures of an axe-wielding cop, drawn by a man my age and written by his little brother who is still in grade school. It's a great story and a good example of an unlikely team coming together to make something wonderful.

When we're writing or drawing our comics, it's easy to not want to share the wealth in creating them, so to speak, but when we do, the end result can be fantastic. It's a great marketing technique, as well!

If you're struggling to get pages out or if you're just in need of a break from your regular update schedule, why not get an artist or writer to cover for you? You could employ a prolific creator or an up-and-comer for a single page or a whole story and, so long as the work gets done, the finished product might end up being one of the best things to happen to your particular series.

Working with others is an excellent idea because:
  • It gives you a break from writing or drawing and helps avoid burnout.
  • Your collaborator will likely want to share his or her work with their own audience, thus introducing new people to your comic.
  • Learning to collaborate is key in running a business, so it's good to practice this whenever you can.
  • It's mind-opening to see your story as interpreted by someone else and may help to combat writer or artist's block.

If you're having trouble handing over a full story to someone, then perhaps you can ask them to do a pin-up illustration or alternate cover for one of your comics, instead? Be prepared to pay them or at least do an art-trade in exchange.

As human beings, I truly believe we work best and become more successful, the more we share. It's just part of building our tribe. If you decide to share your comic work with someone else, guarantee you will get something great out of the experience, even at the smallest level.

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