Friday, July 12, 2013

Special Announcement: Gloryhound Teaming Up With Comics Crux!

Hey all! Going to take a little aside from the usual journal entry, here, to make a very special announcement!

A new series of tutorials is in the works, as part of a collaboration with our friends at Comics Crux! For a year now, Comics Crux has striven to be the comic book resource of choice for people who read, write, draw, love and live comics! Gloryhound Network, the home of the how-to for breaking into creative work, is thrilled to be partnering with them by offering a boatload of new tutorials which will be featured on their site at!

These tutorials will be comic and webcomic specific, and we're hoping, will be a valuable asset to visitors of both Gloryhound and Comics Crux. It's a win-win situation!

Expect more, soon as the tutorials wrap-up and get ready to be posted. I hope you're as excited for this new partnership as I am -- we're poised to become the number one resource for people interested in pursuing careers as comic book creatives on the internet!

All the Best,